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I am originally from Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, India. Since then, I’ve moved around quite a bit. I’ve lived in: east/south Asian places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo; middle east in Dubai; random American places like New Jersey, California, Indiana, Texas, Georgia, and Washington; and multiple places in India such as Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. I’m currently in San Diego, learning how to beach and scouting out the local boba tea stores.

In the wee few hours that I get when I’m not building RL agents, I try to juggle hobby things, with varying degress of success.

My hobbies include Tae Kwon Do, camping/hiking, reading, acting, writing, gaming, and also getting boba. I am a 1st Dan black belt in WT Tae Kwon Do (and have recently started on other styles!). For naturey things I mostly like solo camping/hiking in not cold climates. I read sci-fi and high fantasy novels (Malazan, Hyperion, you name it), and play MMORPGs/IFs (not much these days though - being a game researcher means you don’t actually get to play games (〒^〒)). I do write stories for interactive fiction games and scripts for theatre plays though (used to be an actor but that was too much effort) under a not so psuedo psuedonym. If you bought an itch.io bundle recentlyish, you prob have some of my work.

I also get a lot of bubble tea (aka boba) with other boba humans, have a tier list of tea places for most cities I’ve lived in, and my long term life goal is to own a bubble tea shop with an apartment above it so …

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